How long is the band willing to play for?

The length of the set varies from one event to another; however as a general guideline the band will play for up to 3 1/2 hours (including a break somewhere in the middle). This is open to discussion with the organiser at the time of booking.

NOTE: A small ‘Late Finish’ fee will apply for events which will finish later than midnight. Please be sure to make your event finishing time clear to the band at the time of booking to avoid any unexpected costs.

How far is the band willing to travel for an event?

There is literally no limit to how far we are willing to travel as a band, subject to reasonable travel arrangements & equipment provisions. At present we have not only visited all corners of Scotland, but venues in England, Wales and Northern Island as well. Our international adventures include events in Prague, Venice and Split with hopefully many more to come.

Will the band walk the guests through every dance, even if they know what they’re doing?

The caller will always invite guests up onto the dance floor and call the name of the next dance. If any of the dancers require instruction, we will be delighted to take the time to walk guests through the steps. However if the crowd know what they’re doing we’ll get straight into the dancing, meaning no time is wasted for the more experienced crowd.

Do the band supply a full PA system, and is this included in the cost?

Yes, we provide full PA equipment for almost every event. Exceptions include when travelling abroad, or when the number of guests is in excess of 250 people. For such events, we suggest that a suitable PA system is hired in from a third party. We are happy to discuss your options further should you require more information.

How long does the band take to setup their equipment?

As a guideline, we recommend allowing 60 minutes for us to setup. This will generally include a brief sound check, meaning we are ready to get the ceilidh started at a moment’s notice with minimal turnaround time.

How will the band dress at your event?

We always make an effort to present ourselves, regardless of the event. As standard we all wear black shirts and kilts, or tartan trousers. However if you have any particular requests on how you would like us to dress for your event, for example a slightly less formal jeans & black shirt, just ask.

Are there any hidden costs involved when booking Stravaig?

There are no hidden costs lurking in the background: we will quote you the full amount from the beginning of the booking process, making sure to clearly state exactly how the costs are allocated. Should this become unclear at any stage, then we would encourage you to get in touch with us to clarify any issues.

Interested in booking us for your event?